Trading In Africa

Within the African continent, South Africa is viewed by many other African countries favourably when it comes to the goods and products that are made in our boarders. With a well-established manufacturing industry, SA can be regarded as a leader in Africa when it comes to supplying and creating new and exciting brands. But as well as manufacturing goods, South Africa is a country that is rich in commodities such as gold, coal, and platinum, making it a desirable country to trade with. In fact, at present, the value of importing and exporting each quarter, equates to around 60% of South Africa’s GDP, making trade between South Africa and other countries extremely important for our economy.

As of 2016, some of the most exported commodities out of South Africa are gold, vehicles, coal, platinum and iron-ore. Now Kutenga Foods isn’t really in the business of trading in these kinds of commodities. More known for offering its clients the service of sourcing and exporting food products such as seafood, cheese, high quality meat products and other high end food products, Kutenga is definitely in the business of moving large quantity of soft commodities found in South Africa

What are soft commodities exactly? These are goods that are generally grown rather than mined- products like coffee, beef body fat, maize meal and wheat. Here at Kutenga we specialise in trading soft commodities, in which we will source, purchase the product in bulk, and export the product for you. With the capacity to move up to 35 tons when it comes to transporting dry goods like maize meal and wheat, and up to 27 tons of frozen goods, Kutenga is more than capable of handling your commodity with care. On our team is Tim, an experienced trader, who knows the ins and outs of soft commodity trading making for easy and hassle-free exporting. It must be mentioned that, not just satisfied with trading soft commodities, Tim has also expanded the business into trading some hard commodities such as Kaylite (expanded polystyrene) and reinforced hosing.

Because Kutenga is a proudly South African company, we make every attempt to utilize local products, not just because they are from the same country as us but because they are of such good quality. If you are interested in finding out about the commodities that we trade in, contact us here and we will get back to you ASAP.