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What some of our happy clients have had to say about us…

Rumbi (Zimbabwe)

“You communicate well about the orders, making sure you get the items requested. I like that you give a quote before ordering too. I have already recommended you to friends. Your pricing is reasonable as well”

Kundai (Zimbabwe)

“I was really impressed by the turnaround time in responding to e-mails. Carey and Jackie are so efficient and though my order was small, they made every effort to check with me first before they bought anything. Well done for such great customer care!”


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Fish & Seafood (Click to open selection)

Whole Fish
TilapiaHorse Mackerel/ MaasbankerSalmonTunaRedsBaby HakeHakeKingklipJacopeverYellowtailAngel FishSolePilchardsSardinesSnoek

Fillets & Portions

Calamari – steaks, tubes, rings, strips, crumbedCrab – whole, sections, claws, dressed, meatClam – meat, wholeSeafood KebabsMarinara MixLangostinesLobster/ CrayfishMussels – SA, New Zealand, ½ shell, meatOctopus – whole, babyOystersPrawns – all sizes, whole, meat, Headless,Scallops – ½ shell, meatShrimpSnails

Fish BurgersFish FingersFish BitesCrumbed or Battered HakeCrumbed PrawnsSeafood MixPrawn SkewersSmoked SalmonSmoked Salmon TroutSnoek Mildcure

Meat & Processed Meat (Click to open selection)

Beef A-Grade
Beef CubedBrisketChuckFilletMarrow BonesOx TailMinceMinute SteakPregosPrime RibRumpSchnitzelScotch FilletSilversideSirloinSosatiesStrogonoff (Topside)Tenderised SteakT-BoneTongueThick Flank (sliced)Topside

BellyBonesChopsCubed Pork (Bone Out)FilletHocks (Fresh)LegLoinMinceNeckPork RoastSchnitzelSpare RibsStrogonoff/StirfryTrotters

BonesChopsCubed LambLamb StewKebabsKidneysShanksLegLoinNeck (Sliced)RackRib (Portioned)SaddleShoulder

Processed Meat
Beef BurgersHamPork & Lamb RibsSalamiWorsBaconSpeciality & Continental SausagesPoloniesBiltongDried Wors

Frozen Pastries, Snacks & Veg (Click to open selection)

Frozen Chips & Veg
Chips: straight cut, crinkle cut and American styleVegetable Singles: Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Beans, Peas, SweetcornVegetables StirfryRoasting VegetablesCreamed SpinachRoasted Butternut

Frozen Snacks
SpringrollsSamoosasMini Puff Pastry PiesPhyllo Pastry PiesRissolesMini KebabsSatay – crumbed or plainMini QuichePlatter in a BoxReady to use pastriesReady to use Lasagne sheetsReady Meals – 350g to 2kgs

Frozen Bread
Baguettes – all sizes, white or wholewheatBread Rolls: cocktail, prego, burger, Portuguese, white, seeded, brown ciabattaBreads: White, Brown, Seeded, Rye, Farmstyle,Pita BreadPizza Bases

Frozen Pastries
Croissants – 30gr ,50gr , 80 grChoc Twice – 30gr, 65grDanish AssortedApple TurnoverPoppyseed TwistAlmond Triangle

Frozen Cakes
Red Velvet – individual or largeWhite Chocolate Hazelnut – individual or largeCarrot Cake- individual or largeDeath By Chocolate- individual or largeMississippi Mud Cake- individual or largeBar One Mouse Cake- individual or largeCheesecake: Strawberry, Lemon, Vanilla Rasberry – individual or large

Dry Goods (Click to open selection)

Dried Fruit & Nuts
Assorted Dried Fruit plain or mixed – packed 100g up to 5kgsAssorted Nuts plain, salted, peri- peri – packed 100g to 5kgs.Assorted Fruit & Nut Snack BarsRice Crackers, Japanese Mix, Seeds

Spices & Sauces
Assorted Herbs & Spices packed 50g to 2kgAssorted Spice Mixes packed 50g to 2kgAssorted Indian Spices packed 50g to 2 kgAssorted Lentils packed 500g to 10kgAssorted Condiments and Sauces

Italian Range
PastaOlive OilsReady to Eat Pasta SaucesReady to Eat Italian Meals 2kgTinned Tomaties, chick peas etc

Coffee and Tea
Variety of coffee brands, capsules, beans, ground and individual sachetsVariety of Tea brands, bags and leaves

Chinese Range
Sushi products: Rice, Wasabi, Nori, Sushi Vinegar, pickled ginger, rolling matsCooking & Dipping SauceCoconut ProductsDried MushroomsNoodles & RiceSpicesRange of tea

Speciality Goods (Click to open selection)

Health Products
Gluten-Free Products – breads, cookies, cereal, premixes, flour, pastaOrganic Products – Beans, legumes, cereals, flakes, flours, nuts, rice, seeds, wholegrainsBio Friendly Products – unrefined flour, grain, milk and health beverages, seasoning, supper foods, supplements, sweeteners

Ina Paarman Range
Salad DressingPasta SaucesSpicesCook n Coat SaucesReady to Serve SaucesMarinadePestoSoup, Gravy & Stock PowdersChutneyIcing KitsCake MixesDessert MixesBiscuit Muffin and Brownie Nixes

Melissa's Range
BeveragesBiscuitsCondimentsDressings, Vinegars & ReductionsJams & MarmaladeOils & SaltsRubs & DukkahsRusks & CerealsSweets & Chocolates

Baking Premixes
Standard BreadSoft RollsCrispy RollsSweet Dough BreadRye BreadPumpkin Seed BreadPotato BreadAssorted MuffinsAssorted CakesAssorted MouseRange of fondants, fillers and icing

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