Doing Good In 2016

Winston Churchill once said that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. For the employees of Kutenga this is a saying that we subscribe to and that is why earlier this year, we as a company, took it upon ourselves to donate a solar container classroom to the government of Zambia. There are many countries that are in need of school equipment, however Zambia is a country that Kutenga specially chose because as a company we hold this country close to our hearts. Much of our business is conducted with clients that are based in Zambia and when Kutenga’s owner, Carey Brown, visited the rural areas of this beautiful country she came face to face with some of the hardships that the Zambian people living in rural areas have to deal with on a daily basis- the lack of educational equipment being one of them.

With more than half of Zambia’s population living in rural areas there is a desperate need for classrooms so that all children may be educated as they so rightly deserve. This is where the container classroom came into the picture. Kutenga was fortunate enough to have one of these classrooms at its disposal and what better way to put this classroom to use than to give it to a deserving community in Zambia where it will bring so much joy and happiness?

Kutenga-good-image1 Doing Good In 2016

Last year (2016) the Zambian government introduced computer sciences into the national curriculum, and with that there was absolutely no question that our solar container classroom would be the perfect gift to give. The solar container classroom is a marine-grade shipping container that has been converted into a comfortable, attractive space that makes for an ideal area for learning to take place. Using converted containers makes it possible to set up safe, decent schools at a fraction of the price of brick and mortar buildings. The exterior of each solar container classroom can also be customized to fit with the colours of the school and sponsors of the classrooms. The solar classroom that was donated by Kutenga came fully fitted with 11 computer workstations, meaning that students and teachers have access to the all-important computer equipment that they needed for the new curriculum.

What makes container classrooms the perfect gift to a country that is in need of schools is that, because the container classroom comes fitted with solar panels on its roof, it is able to run off the grid making it the ideal type of classroom for rural communities that don’t have access to electricity. These classrooms can also be transported easily via truck, they’re weather-resistant and vandal-proof and they provide children with a safe, decent environment in which to learn.

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For Carey and her employees at Kutenga there is no greater pleasure in knowing that this donation will assist the children of Kateshi, Zambia, that otherwise might not have had access to modern computer technologies and it is our hope that we might one day be able to make another donation.

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