3 Brands That We Love

Here at Kutenga Food Services we are fortunate enough to be able to supply our customers with some of the best brands around which means smiles all round for everyone. Think of us as the Oprah of keeping our clients happy-“You get a smile! You get a smile! You get a smile! EVERYONE GETS A SMILE!”

One of our favourite brands just so happens to be proudly South African and is, of course, Ina Paarman. Who or what is Ina Paarman you ask? Starting off as a small home industry company Ina Paarman, today, manufactures a wide range of high quality salad dressings, seasonings, pasta sauces, ready to serve sauces, stocks, and bake mixes that makes cooking that much easier and tastier, as well as making it one of our best loved ranges to work with.

Kutenga-Brand1-image 3 Brands That We Love

Everyone likes to enjoy the finer things in life and it’s for that reason that Kutenga has joined forces with Moët- Hennessy, so that you can partake in a taste of the stars. This luxury, brand house brings with it labels such as Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy, Dom Perignon, Belvedere and many more high-end beverages that are known to tantalise the taste buds. It’s no secret that, here at Kutenga, we are partial to a tipple or two of the bubbly and with its high quality champagne and beverages, it is what makes Moët- Hennessy possibly our favourite brand to supply to our customers.

Kutenga-Brand2-image 3 Brands That We Love

Another of our firm favourites definitely has to be the Melissa’s Food range of products. Melissa’s offers a whole host of delicious food products such as jams and preserves, dressings, vinegars, oils, chocolates and snacks that will have anyone tasting these yummy goodies wanting more. Melissa’s provides it’s clients with home style goodies that suit any  discerning palette, making for one of the tastiest brands that we supply our clients with.

Kutenga-Brand3-image 3 Brands That We Love

These are only three out of hundreds of brands that we work with and supply to our clients all over Southern Africa and although we do love these three brands, it’s not to say that we don’t adore the others at we make available to our clients. If you are interested in ordering any products from Melissa’s, Ina Parmaan or Moët- Hennessy, click on over to our contact page an get in touch with us. If there are other brands or products that you are interested in stocking or ordering, we will do our very best to source these items and send them to you wherever you might be.
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